I Like my Tea Strong. With Exceptions.

I am a strong and proud Republican. I also believe in the facts. I also believe in common sense. Therefore, I am like many Americans, frustrated and frankly, bewildered by the behavior of many in the GOP.

My senator, Ted Cruz, a Tea Party darling and successor to moderate Kay Bailey Hutchison, has recently been bragging about his opposition to expanded background checks.

Said Cruz, “We’ve had probably five or six lunches with a bunch of Republican senators…yelling at the top of their lungs. I don’t even bother to argue with them. I just sort of let them yell. . . . “

What an asshole!

I completely understand and desire a leader who is willing to stand up and question the leadership or “political machine.” However, my concern here is Ted Cruz’s use of the Newtown and Boston tragedies for his own political benefit.

It seems he wants to filibuster everything. I thought that surely expanded background checks is something we could all agree on (and indeed, 90% of the American people do). But alas not. And no, I don’t buy his “gateway legislation” theory or that it’s unfair to Gun Shows. If anything it’s an unfair subsidy for small business arms dealers. Small business! He’s supposed to be a champion of those right? Therefore I am also pissed at John Cornyn.

I voted for Cruz over Dewhurst because I felt he was a career politician, an insider (in a negative way) and just an empty suit type. Cruz was attractive because he is clearly a go-getter, and not afraid to be different. His platform was also very straightforward: “it’s the economy, stupid!” And yet I, and many Texans are very disappointed to find that his “leadership” style has been very similar to an annoying, scrappy dog.

So fantastic, right? Now we’ve elected a useless senator. What does he hope to accomplish by annoying his colleagues? I certainly hope his final ambition isn’t to become King Cruz. He does need votes to get things done. I really, truly, question sometimes if he knows this. No matter what the policy, keep your politics polite and civil.



  1. News Anchors

    When you say “expanded background checks” im assuming your referring to gun control? i agree. Background checks are a good idea, in theory, but the people who need to be checked into most are the ones who will steal guns or buy them off the black market. It may be able to solve small crimes but not where it matters.

    • rcdfw

      I know, that’s what everyone says. But that’s a never ending circle. If people will continue to commit crimes, why have laws at all? I think the real crisis here is how this country deals with mental illness. And I haven’t a clue where to begin there.

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